Akko 3108sp/3087/3084/3068 Horizon kablede mekanisk tastatur Cherry-aksen 68key/84key/87key/108-tast tastatur 85%PBT keycap


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kr657.56 kr618.11

  • Type: Wired
  • Mærke: NoEnName_Null
  • Sprog: engelsk
  • Drift Stil: Mekaniske
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Model-Nummer: 3108SP
  • Tastatur Standard: 108 Nøgler
  • Anvendelse: Bærbar computer

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Wine in perfect condition, with good packing. Very happy with the product, it looks good quality. The only reproachable thing is that all the package information comes in Chinese, so it's hard to understand how the macros setup works.
Yusrakhan Cutedreams
I have the first mechanical keyboard. I took this model, because it's almost the only offer on the market with the inscriptions on the keys on the side, because of which it looks very aesthetic and neat from above. Pleased with the quality, it looks very sound, the case is metal, so the keyboard is quite heavy and stable on the table. The keys are pleasant, they are pressed well, I hope to last a long time. Small minuses however are present: on some keys relative to others is not exactly printed (for example, it is visible on f1-10). And they put the change keys of another color (in the picture they are tinted, but the orange ones came, but I'm not fundamentally) P. S. I took on sale, with a promo code it turned out 6560 rubles, if anyone is interested.